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No Outsiders

No Outsiders in Lache Primary School


In Lache Primary school, there are no outsiders. We are all different and we know that this is something that should be celebrated! 

'No Outsiders' is a programme which aims to educate children about diversity within our communities and addresses issues such as sexism, ageism, race and different types of families.

It is taught to each year group through the use of age-appropriate books such as 'And Tango Makes Three', '10 Little Pirates' and 'Dreams of Freedom'. 


No Outsiders Core Values:


  • Respect for diversity through education in schools.


  • Commitment to community cohesion through understanding and acceptance of difference.


  • Promotion of dialogue to counter fear and hate in society.


 Frequently asked questions

What do I say when my child comes home and asks “how do two men have a baby?”

Lots of people have babies in different ways like fostering or adoption. They are still a family regardless of how the children arrive. They still love and look after their children the same as if they have given birth to a child.


Are primary children too young to be taught about gay and lesbian relationships?

We are choosing to teach our children to be respectful of all choices people make. Whether this is sexual orientation, gender choices or fashion choices! Also, some children in our school grow up in same sex families and their families should be represented just as much.


Are you teaching gay lessons?

We are teaching about equality and the values that are reflected by British law.


Can I remove my child from these lessons?

No. Relationship education is statutory. If you are worried about the content please talk to your class teacher, Miss Carnell or Mrs Seager about your concerns.


My religion says it is wrong

We understand and respect your beliefs. We are teaching the children about the world around them and that gay and lesbian people exist. In Britain society is diverse and the children need to know that diversity exists, even if their religion disagrees with it.  


Below you will find links to see all the books each year group will look at when being taught a 'No Outsiders' lesson. You will also find videos of three example books that are used in the programme, and a small description of what a lesson would look like using these books. Please feel free to contact the school anytime if you have any questions or concerns concerning the No Outsiders programme. 


Early Years example lesson

For this lesson we use the story Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly, written by Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt. Our learning intention of for the children to understand that its okay to like different things. First we might get the children to discuss something like their favourite fruit. They will find very quickly that they all have a different favourite! Then after the book, the class would discuss the fact that the two main characters from the book were still friends after we discovered they had a lot of differences! This lesson helps open children's minds to the fact that there may be vast differences between themselves and the people around them. 


Key Stage One example lesson 

For this lesson we would read My Grandpa is Amazing, written by Nick Butterworth. Our learning intention would be for the children to understand that not everyone is the same age as them. 

First we might look at a family photo and see if the children can recognise a person's role within the family. They may be able to discuss similarities and differences between the photo and their own family. We might then have the opportunity to invite a grandparent in to share their experiences with the children where we would encourage respectful questionning. 


Key Stage Two example lesson

For this lesson we would read King and King, written byLinda de Hann and Stern Nijland. Our learning intention would be for the children to understand why people get married. 

First we would discuss the word marriage. Do any children know anyone who is married? Have they been to a wedding themselves? This is a great opportunity for children to discuss their own experiences. Then after we have read the story, we might look at famous examples of married couples such as the Royal Family. We would discuss that when two people love each other, they have the right to get married in this country. 


Click on the link below to take you to our Youtube channel where you will find videos of our teachers reading some of the stories used to deliver 'No Outsiders':

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