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What Our Parents Think

Lache Primary School consults it's parents, using a questionnaire, to ask a number of questions about their experience of sending their children to our school and what we could do to improve our provision.

The results have been summarised in a number of graphs to show the level of satisfaction with Lache Primary School. This will help us drive school improvement and get your child's school experience right. 

October 2023 results

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Some of the comments made:

  • Brilliant school. Amazing, caring teachers and staff. So encouraging to all pupils.
  • Lache Primary School is a fantatstic school. All the staff are friendly and welcoming. I feel I can approach any member of staff and would recommend the school to anyone.
  • My son loves going to school.
  • Each teacher is very good at their jobs they do. My daughter's teachers are very helpful and go above and beyond to help if I have any worries.  I cannot thank you all. Mrs Seager and the teachers, the whole school for helping us all along the way while the kids have been in school thank you for all of your kindness.
  • Amazing school. Could not ask for more in every aspect of my child's learning.
  • Just like to say thank you for everything you do.
  • All staff so an amazing job, especially in The Willows.
  • Amazing throughout. Everything. Polite. Pleasant.
  • I would recommend Lache Primary School to everybody. Brilliant school. My child loves coming into school every day.
  • The school is great. Staff are amazing and so supportive. The whole school community is welcoming and more like a family. All my children have been happy here. Thank you all for being great.
  • Nursery is absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for 2 year old to come into Nursery. Nursery staff are fab. So welcoming. Never known a better Nursery.
  • We're really happy with the professionalism and dedication of the Nursery staff. A huge thank you to all of you.
  • My child is doing better than ever being in school.
  • The staff are very nice and are polite. I rest easy knowing my son is well looked after in The Willows and know that The Willows staff and the Deputy head have my son's best interests at heart. Everyone (especially Mr Mohan) are very informative whether it is good/ bad information. I recently went to Mr Mohan with a concern, and he took the time to discuss everything with me in depth. My son seems very happy at The Willows, considering he would not attend school before The Willows, now he wants to waits at the front door to go to school. This really means something . Thank you. Very happy mum.
  • Lache Primary School is amazing with my son.
  • Amazing school and teachers.
  • The Lache Primary School and The Willows are exceptional. The relationships between staff and pupils and parents are second to none. When my son started at The Willows he was unable to read or write he is now exceeding what anyone thought possible. Thank you to all staff. Keep up the amazing work.
  • Only 3 weeks in but seeing a big positive change in my son - Thank you.
  • I'm so very grateful for all the help my son gets and has had and now we're finally moving forward with his education.
  • Fantastic school, amazing staff, like one big family, the children are loved and cared for. All staff are very approachable.
  • My son is very happy to be in Lache Primary School.

In the previous questionnaire you also made comments about:

How Lache Primary School has improved.

If you need more support to help your child learn at home.

If there are any other things that we can help and support you with.

In your questionnaire, you said:

How do you think that the school has improved over recent years?

  • The school has improved loads, we now feel heard, the children are happy and they are very supportive.
  • More welcoming and friendly.
  • The school is family.
  • The use of online learning/apps have really helped (WEDUC etc), in particular over the last two years.
  • Making my child feel more rewarded.
  • It’s has become a family ! It is very welcoming, goes above and beyond and supports the family as a whole and not just the child attending school. 
  • By being able to approach staff on the playground before and after school.

Do you feel like you need more support to help your child with learning at home?

  • I feel we get the most amazing help in supporting our daughter with her learning.
  • No I feel he is fully supported in school.
  • I know extra help is available if needed. The staff are fab!
  • I know the help is available if needed.

Do you have any additional comments you would like to make?

  • I can’t thank my child’s teacher and 1:1 for all their help with my daughter. The patience and helpfulness they give her is incredible. She feels safe in school. They are kind, caring and fun to be around. 
  • Fabulous school, the teacher’s always go above and beyond. My two children have been two years moving from another school – best choice I ever made!
  • Staff are fantastic.
  • Friendly staff and support wherever they can.
  • Lache Primary school has always been there to help us as a traveller community and they never push us out. 10/10 school . SEF
  • Lache Primary makes you feel so welcome as soon as you enter the building.
  • We are very happy with our child’s reading and writing progress. Thank you very much.
  • The lache school is the best! Grateful beyond words for all the care and support my daughter receives. Over lockdown the school went above and beyond making sure each family felt supported during a time of such uncertainty. Thank you. Each and every member of staff should be proud of themselves – all incredible people!

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