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Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

Welcome back to the Summer term!

We hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyble break!

The children have looked very smart on their return to school and have settled into work very well.  They have been happy to see their friends.

This term we have many things to look forward too including our visits Lache Library on a regular basis. We hope to enthuse the children and to continue to develop their reading skills. Please do read at home with your child on a regular basis. Reading really is key to the children accessing the majority of the curriculum. We will visit Liverpool Museum as an introduction to our new History topic 'The Ancient Egyptians'. Year 6 children will complete their SAT's tests and will enjoy a visit after this to Plas Madoc Leisure Centre. The children will be encouraged to take part in the many events that the Year 6 children will enjoy this term. The children in The Willows will also take part in transition dates at Archers Brook High School. 

The children will again have the opportunity to attend the school choir and potentially take part in a concert  at Chester Cathedral as part of the Amasing choir. Where possible the children will be encouraged to take part in after school clubs, including archery, athletics, rounders and dodgeball. Sports Days at school will take place in June. Please do encourage your child to take part in the life of our school. Willows staff will send home information letters and will often contact you about the details of these events. 

A copy of The Willows weekly news will come home with your child each Monday, giving you more information about teaching and learning that week, and any special events for the week. This term will include two INSPIRE afternoons where family members are warmly invited to come and work alongside their children, taking part in a range of Art tasks around the theme of 'Harmony'. 

The Willows website and school Twitter site will be regularly updated with photographs following events and activities in the classroom. The school's  Facebook page will feature photographs each Friday. Do have a look at your children in action!

Children will be encouraged to take a reading book home each Monday. It would be very beneficial  if you could read with your child on a regular basis. A reading record book will also come home, please do put any comments in this and sign and return both the  reading book and the reading record book each Tuesday morning. 

The children should bring their PE kit into school each Wednesday. PE kit is black shorts, blue t-shirt and trainers. Please do ensure that PE kit and school uniforms are labelled with your child's name. Whenever appropriate the children will be encouraged to take part in PE and Spanish lessons alongside their mainstream peers. 

Children will continue to take part in Celebration assembly at 2.40pm each Friday. You are very welcome to attend the assembly and whenever possible Willows staff will let you know about the assembly in good time. Our children are very pleased and proud to see family members at the assembly. The Willows staff will regularly phone you to celebrate your child's achievements.

Included below is some information about the topics the children will be learning about this term. Should you have any questions or concerns at all, please do phone, email or call  into school and arrange  to speak with Mr Mohan,  Mr Scott orThe Willows staff.

Thankyou for your continued support and for the very positive feedback that we continue to receive from you. The Willows staff are looking forward to another memorable, successful and happy term for the children.

Very Best Wishes

Shaun Mohan and The Willows Team



School Uniform

Blue school jumper or cardigan

White shirt/polo shirt

Black/grey school trousers/shorts

All black shoes

Children should wear full school uniform each day, unless there is a change to the routine in school e.g non uniform day. If for any reason your child cannot wear part of their school uniform please do speak to a member of The Willows staff.


The Willows staff will prepare toast or bagels and a drink of water for the children at breaktime each day.  A range of fruit will also be provided. If your child prefers to bring snack from home this should be a healthy option such as fruit, flapjack or a breakfast bar. Please do send your child to school with water/flavoured water. Please avoid sending your child to school with fizzy drinks, sweets, crips and chocolate. 


Physical Education

Physical Education will take place each Wednesday afternoon. 

PE kit is a blue t-shirt, black shorts or black joggers, black pumps or trainers. Children may also bring a warm tracksuit to change into if the weather is cold. Please ensure that your child has a suitable bag to carry belongings and that belongings include name labels.


On arrival at in school each day the children will complete a phonics/spelling task. Each child will read with an adult each day and will complete a weekly handwriting task.

English lessons will be based around the story;

When the Giant Stirred by Celia Godkin

In daily class storytime the children will read together the story:

The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton

The children will find out about the author Enid Blyton.


Each day upon arrival at school, the children will complete a maths challenge task that reinforces and develops skills using the four number operations. Maths lessons will use Power Maths as a starting point for lessons. The websites below are helpful in developing mathematical skills:

Early Years Foundation Stage 


Key Stage One 


Key Stage Two                                           



The children will focus upon the topic 'Animals Including Humans'

Personal Health and Social Education

At the heart of our teaching and learning will be our school rules:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Ready
  • Be Safe

The children in the Willows collect dojo points for outstanding work and a positive attitude towards learning, good behaviour choices and for demonstrating good manners towards peers and adults.

Staff will make regular telephone calls to family members, often throughout the school day, in order to share the positive achievements of each child. 

Should you also wish to share the positive achievements, events of your child or to discuss any concerns, please do contact school.

As a 'No Outsiders' school this half term we will use the following books to develop an understanding of how we reasonably express opinions  within society. We also celebrate divrsity within society. 

This is Our House by Michael Rosen and Bob Graham

The Hueys in A New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers

Jigsaw lessons will focus upon the themes of 'Dreams and Goals'

Raising Aspirations

Will focus upon the theme of being accountable to ourselves and others. The picture book 'What We'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers will be used as the starting point for our work. 


The children will be introduced to the topic 'The Pyramids to Costa Brava'.


The children will complete our study of The Stone Age and be introduced to 'The Ancient Egyptians'.


Children will continue tasks related to the topic 'Stone Age to Iron Age' and be introduced to activities around the topic 'Pyramids to Paris'.


Children will learn how to label body parts unsing Spanish terms.

Information Technology

The children will learn about E-safety and using technology safely. We will develop animation skills. 

Religious Studies

Will focus upon 'Christianity'



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