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Our Environment



We are insanely proud of our classroom - indoor and out! 

The environment itself is often designed by the children - quite a scary thought but bare with us!  We have several areas within the classroom that are 'keepers', these are areas which we know the children will need and want as staples of their play. These are areas such as the reading area, construction and craft. There are other areas in which the children have complete control. These are called our 'choose areas'. Here the children can ask for and choose from a range of toys or themes in which they want to explore. This way it keeps the environment fresh and definitely allows the child to follow their own interests - which is key.  

Even though the Nursery itself is part of the Lache Primary School family, we are lucky enough to have our own purpose built building complete with kitchen, changing facilities, a huge garden and even a forest school area.

Below are some images of the class in use. 

Reading Area

IMG_8283.JPG                   Writing Area           IMG_8285.JPG


Construction Area

IMG_8286.JPG      IMG_8287.JPG

Craft Area

IMG_8289.JPG                 Home Area     IMG_8290.JPG


Sand Area

                                          IMG_8297.JPG       IMG_8292.JPG



Friendship Bench/PSHE





Music and Singing Area

IMG_8296.JPG      Snack Area   275872314_1005129713422690_118496732444191191_n.jpg



Outdoor Area

278572689_842080043373878_7932758444778810729_n.jpg      278327770_840787670169782_9045836108101346064_n.jpg

Forest School Area

       275410020_999256410676687_4791856206584237410_n.jpg276124769_1007595729842755_3932127968531407721_n.jpg278837348_842769196638296_511555972966127284_n.jpg278570232_842768679971681_5997272653976301333_n.jpg        278630400_842768303305052_6238250704353727553_n.jpg


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From September 2023 school will be open from 8.50am-3.20pm